Devil Child

We seek god in church/the wooden benches make our butts hurt/ mami says sometimes we have to sacrifice to know blessings/ on the pulpit the pastor speaks about the end of times/god is coming and we need to behave if we want to go with him/I twiddle my thumps because I want to go with god/he then says that men that lie with men will burn in hell/I then learn that I am a devil child/I picture fire/picture my skin red/I am a devil child

At home I run to the bathroom and stare in the mirror/in bible study they told us that god lives inside all of us/I stare into my pupils until my sight goes blurry and I begin talking with god/I know my mouth is dirty because I know what a man taste like/One time mami caught me saying bad words and she washed my mouth with soap/I take a bar of soap/stick my tongue out and taste its dryness/I ask god to change me

Nothing changes/I remain a devil child