Often times I long to remember where I come from

I want to match the stories my grandmother speaks of when she

tells me of home 

to concrete images my mind can absorb 


I jump online and google search

“Atoyac De Álvarez, Guerrero”


there I find pictures of the brown river my grandmother used wash clothes in

of houses made of steel sheets and mud bricks like the one we grew up in

of hills and mountains

of dirt roads the same color as my skin


as I scroll

news of people 



of a drug war

a corrupt government

villagers picking up arms to defend themselves


When people ask me,

“Where are you from?”

I want tell them to 

Google search my home

to help me answer that question for myself


What does it mean to have pride in a country you have no memory of?

 To want to return to a place that your family fled?


what does it mean to be a poet writing in english when the land you write about cannot be translated?